Close-up on hair. Marula oil - Natural conditioner

Right next to eyelashes, hair are an attribute of femininity. They are a weak spot of every woman. We are capable of spending one third of our salary on hairdresser, only so that we could stun everyone with an amazing hair style, cut or colour. We are unable of leaving the house with our hair looking like a mess. We cry our eyes out when the colour is not like we want it to be. We are furiously angry when the hairdresser cuts our hair not the way we imagined it. We subject our hair to various treatments, just so that they would look good... but have you ever actually think if your hair feel good? Curler, the Sun, wind, freeze, straightener, colourisation... Plenty of treatments intended to make them look beautiful also weaken your hair.

It is about time to take good care of them. That is why it is best to reach for natural, safe, but also effective conditioning and regeneration of the highest quality.

Perfect for the job are natural oils. However, there is quite few of them... which one should you choose, so that it do the work?

Our proposition is Marula oil, which suits most hair, because of its semi-drying properties and medium size particles. It is rich in vitamins C and E, as well as one of more beneficial fatty acids compilation.

Marula oil resembles a bit argan oil, but because of its composition and proportions of acids omega-3, 6 and 9 along with vitamins, it is much more diverse alternative for hair and body care. It works for most women and according to opinions of the Internet users - it's regular use brings much faster effects than oils with similar composition.

Amazing results, delicacy as well as efficiency of marula oil are unquestioned. It’s one of the priciest and best oils that you should definitely have in your beauty kit, especially when your skin is sensitive, problematic and prone to irritations. It’s ideal for delicate baby’s skin so many moms use it interchangeably with almond...
Marula oil is a rarely used product. However, women who use it for hair or body care, praise its properties. If you would like to see how this exotic preparation works, do not wait. Start the treatment with one of the cosmetics that contain marula oil. It is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids,...
Marula oil is obtained in the process of cold pressing the kernels from fruits of Marula tree, also locally known as the Elephant tree. Where does this name come from? Mentioned fruits are delicacy of elephants, which after eating it start to behave a bit weird. Well, particles of the plant ferment in the...
Marula oil is one of the more exclusive natural oils. All thanks to well-balanced fatty acids and a high concentration of vitamins E and C. Both vitamins are powerful antioxidants, fighting against free radicals. Additionally, they transport the ingredients deeply into the cells and nourish the hair. They also ensure the proper hair growth....
Common name: Marula oil The name according to INCI: Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Seed Oil Form: liquid, yellow oil with delicate scent Origin: Africa Function: emollient Additional ingredients: vitamin E, vitamin C Essential fatty acids: saturated: Palmitic, Searic unsaturated: Oleic (omega-9), Linoleic (omega-6), alfa-Linolenic (omega-3) Size of the particle: medium particles, semi-drying oil Cosmetic experience,...

Marula oil takes care of the entire body - from feet, through thighs suffering from cellulite, belly with stretch marks after pregnancy to face and eye area. We will focus on oil's properties for hair and suggest few ways of use marula oil:

1. Night time hair oil treatment - apply oil on dry hair and scalp. Perform gentle massage, so that oil strengthen blood vessels in skin. Leave it on hair for the night and in the morning rinse it and wash hair with delicate shampoo. Perform this treatment at least once a weak.

2. Two hours treatment prior to hair wash - before you proceed with hair wash, apply oil. Do not forget about the scalp. Keep it on for two hours. Rinse it with delicate shampoo.

3. Leave-in conditioner for damp hair - after hair wash you can also use marula oil. Apply 1-2 drops of oil on damp hair at a half of their length.

4. Hair ends serum for dry hair - washed and dry hair are going to be happy with marula oil as well. You just have to take a drop of marula oil and apply it on hair ends to protect them against split ends and dryness.

5. An addition to hair mask - marula oil can be easily added to your favourite hair mask. One drop of oil will strengthen properties of the conditioner.