Allow me to introduce myself. Marula oil. Curriculum Vitae.

marula-oil.jpgCommon name: Marula oil

The name according to INCI: Sclerocarya Birrea (Marula) Seed Oil

Form: liquid, yellow oil with delicate scent

Origin: Africa

Function: emollient

Additional ingredients: vitamin E, vitamin C

Essential fatty acids:

  • saturated: Palmitic, Searic
  • unsaturated: Oleic (omega-9), Linoleic (omega-6), alfa-Linolenic (omega-3)

Size of the particle: medium particles, semi-drying oil

Cosmetic experience, properties:

  • hair: just 2-3 drops of oil rubbed in hands and applied on wet hair after hair wash are enough. Oil is perfect for hair oil treatment: apply it on dry hair and scalp for two hours before hair wash or leave it for the night. If applied on hair ends during the day, it protects hair against unfavourable impact of atmospheric factors.
  • scalp: Marula oil deals with dandruff, it is recommended for psoriasis and eczema
  • body: can moisturise wet skin after a bath
  • cellulite, stretch marks: used for massage of underbelly areas on body will firm skin and reduce cellulite. It can significantly make stretch marks less visible.
  • breasts: massage performed with Marula oil can make breasts and cleavage firmer
  • face: use as a healing serum for acne scaring, removal of acne, can replace make-up base, regenerates mature and fatigued skin prone to wrinkles
  • eye area: Marula has anti-wrinkle properties, improves elasticity of skin, prevents breakdown of collagen in skin cells
  • hands and nails: Marula oil regenerates damaged skin on hands, prevents dry cuticles around nails, nourishes nail plate
  • feet: few drops of Marula oil prevent dryness and keratinisation of feet’s skin; it can be a great base for home made feet peeling – you just need to mix it with crushed almonds, coffee or salt.

Strong suits of Marula oil:

  • strong antioxidant action,
  • antibacterial properties,
  • heals and regenerates,
  • supports subcutaneous circulation,
  • high concentration of vitamin E,
  • high concentration of vitamin C,
  • softens wrinkles,
  • reduces scars and cellulite.

Additional skills of Marula oil:

  • durability prolongation of other oils,
  • elimination of acne and acne scaring,
  • ideal absorption, does not leave greasy layer on skin and hair,
  • Marula fruits have intoxicating properties – they ferment in a stomach.

Interests of Marula oil:

  • skin of the body,
  • medium porosity hair.