Three Brilliant Cosmetics With Marula Oil

Marula oil is a rarely used product. However, women who use it for hair or body care, praise its properties. If you would like to see how this exotic preparation works, do not wait. Start the treatment with one of the cosmetics that contain marula oil.

It is a source of monounsaturated fatty acids, oleic acid and vitamins E and C. Thanks to these components, Marula Oil will nurture your hair and the skin of your body. What are the main properties of that product? It provides in-depth moisture while preventing drying and damages. Regenerates damaged strands and their ends, soothes and accelerates the healing of scalp inflammation. It has anti-ageing properties, prevents premature greying of hair and reduces free radicals. The product protects strands and scalp from harmful environmental factors, solar radiation, dehydrating substances contained in some cosmetics. Marula oil polishes and softens hair, leaving it really beautiful.

Did you know that Marula Oil can be used in conjunction with other nourishing cosmetics? It will be a perfect addition to under eye creams, toners, moisturisers, make-up bases or preparations used for reducing stretch marks. However, more often it used in cosmetics designed for hair and scalp care. Are you curious how it works?

Test the best hair and scalp products. A brief description of each of these can be found in the rest of this article. These oils work wonders and bring great results. Thanks to them your hair will become healthier, smoother, shinier and less prone to damage caused by various external factors.

Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair with Marula OilNanoil For Medium Porosity Hair

Nanoil is an oil that will make your hair healthier and even more beautiful. It contains many beneficial ingredients, including vitamins, UV filters, and also the best plant oils. One of them is Marula Oil. This exotic ingredient will work wonders if you run regular applications. Check out what benefits you will get when using Nanoil.

Nanoil hair oil affects the condition of hair and scalp. It makes strands shiny as they become soft to the touch and nicely arranged. The product facilitates combing and heat styling. It protects hair from high temperatures produced by a blow-dryer or a straightener. It prevents ends from splitting, restores damaged hair structure and provides many nutrients necessary for proper scalp functioning. Nanoil hair oil smooths frizzy and static hair. Restores natural pH of the scalp, regulates sebaceous glands and prevents oily hair. The products protect strands from damage due to improper care, harmful external factors, and free radicals.

The first effects of the oil treatment with Nanoil hair oil are noticeable after three or four weeks. Remember to use the product regularly, preferably before or after each washing. Also, the cosmetic can be applied before or after blow or air-drying your hair. Marula oil (as well as other oils) included in Nanoil hair oil will help you achieve brilliant results.

marula-oil-rare-intensive-treatment-light-paul-mitchellMarula Oil Rare Intensive Treatment Light Paul Mitchell

Marula Oil Rare Intensive Treatment Light Paul Mitchell is a very original product. Why? It contains natural Marula Oil. It is an exotic substance obtained from trees growing in Africa. Check out the effects of this product.

It is especially recommended for fine, weakened and damaged hair. Marula Oil Rare Intensive Treatment Light brand Paul Mitchell combines natural ingredients and amazing action. The cosmetics provide gloss, regeneration, and reinforcement. It restores split ends, tames unruly strands and facilitates styling. Small particles of Marula Oil penetrate the hair scales and deeply nourish strands and scalp. They provide protection against free radicals and many other harmful substances. Besides, Marula Oil Rare Intensive Treatment Light shines hair, facilitates brushing and accelerates drying time.

How to apply hair oil from Paul Mitchell with the content of Marula Oil? Start your application from the ends of the hair, then move up. For normal hair type, use one drop of the product. For very rough strands you will have to use three drops of Marula Oil Rare Intensive Treatment Light. You can apply it onto wet or dry strands.

nacomi-hair-oilNacomi Hair Oil

Nacomi is an oil, which perfectly nourishes and conditions both hair and scalp. Marula oil is responsible for such stunning effects. Interestingly, this component is also recommended for the face, body, and nail care. And how does it work when applied over your wisps? Check now.

The action of Nacomi hair oil is determined mainly by the content of Marula Oil. It is rich in fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. Thanks to it, your strands become more resistant to mechanical and chemical damage and hair follicles are reinforced. Moreover, Nacomi oil fights free radicals that are responsible for causing hair loss, graying and premature ageing of the scalp. It moisturises, prevents dehydrating, preserves natural hair colour. The product also protects the scalp and hair against the loss of valuable substances such as lipids or keratin.

Nacomi hair oil is available in three capacity versions: 30 ml, 50 ml, and 100 ml. If you want to achieve desired results, use Nacomi hair oil at least once a week. You can apply it to dry and wet strands.